Our Approach

We believe that there are three basic criteria for a useful and human architecture:

It should be economically feasible.

It should be technologically sound

It should be environmentally attractive.

Daylighting, views, social spaces

Our initial project approach is analytical. We listen to our clients, analyze their needs, and design buildings that really work for them and exceed their expectations.

We feel that a building’s design should complement the context and landscape where appropriate. Thus, our Design Philosophy could be described as “Contextualism”. Our buildings blend in comfortably with their environments, both man made and the natural landscape.

We emphasize in our designs:

Efficient, functional circulation
Human-scaled spaces
Cheerful, bright interiors
Colors and forms related to program
Community or corporate themes
Sustainable / energy conscious design
Functional and aesthetic lighting
Daylighting, views, social spaces
Attractive landscaping

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